Step 1 – Job Description

  • Job Description obtained from client either via email or telephone.
  • Requirement passed to the recruitment department
  • Client contacted for full assessment of requirements.
  • Candidate search commences.

Step 2 – Candidate Search

  • Recruitment Database containing over 20,000 possible candidates developed over several years.
  • Access to high level jobsites for marketing and advertisements.

Step 3 – Interview & Evaluation

  • Detailed updated CV’s obtained and assessed against job description.
  • Initial telephone interviews followed by face to face interviews with qualified consultants.
  • Candidate’s skill tested against the job description.
  • Two written references obtained.

Step 4 – Placement & Monitoring

  • Briefing on roles.
  • Temporary Workers receive prompt weekly payments reflective of client signed timesheets.
  • Personnel awarded with performance based incentives.
  • Regular contact with the recruitment consultants.

Step 5 – Staff Retention

  • Applications submitted to client for consideration and arrangements made for Interviews.
  • Temporary workers constantly monitored to assess performance.
  • Eligible employees comprehensive medical, dental and vision plans, along with other ancillary benefits.
  • 401 (k) retirement plan for eligible employees.
  • Immigration Sponsorship to employees who qualify to establish permanent residency.


















































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What is the procedure to apply to AMITI?

At AMITI we are always looking for qualified candidates, best way to have the maximum exposure is to create your profile on our website or apply directly to any positions listed on our website.

Where can I submit my resume?

You can upload your resume on our website . Alternatively, you can send resume on

Will my resume be sent to potential companies without my knowledge?

No, your resume will not be submitted to any client without your approval.

What is the hiring process?       

Hiring process at AMITI is a 3 stage procedure

  1. Our recruiter will contact you for initial screening and to check you interest and availability
  2. Account coordinator will contact you to review your skills
  3. Interview with the client.

If you are chosen for the position by the client, a background check, drug screening and other tests might be necessary.

How long will it take me to get a job?

As average candidate usually gets placed within 8-10 days however the placement depends on many factors like the type of job, client’s specific requirements, background requirements or other details regarding the position.

What salary will I receive?

AMITI pays a competitive salary to all its employees; it is decided on the basis of experience, job duties, title and location.

Who can I contact, if I have any specific questions?

You can talk to AMITI’s HR on (703) 483-3943 or e-mail at