IT Consulting


  • Project/Program management

AMITI Consulting Corp is determined to provide effective and cost-efficient project management consulting services to all of our clients.  Our consultants have both the skills to successfully drive your complex project to completion or to guide your personnel provide a more structured approach. AMITI’s consultants can work with your organization for a more customized solution so as to achieve success on your projects.

  • Risk and strategy

Risks are calculated on the basis of situations, frequency and consequences. AMITI’s consultants are skilled to analysis all of these elements to perform a detailed risk assessment. Risk identification and assessment are just the first step in any risk management process and are extremely important to have the overall risk strategy. Our consultants are experienced in all the levels of risk management process and are skilled to provide an extremely successful risk strategy.

  • IT infrastructure

With the increased popularity of big data, mobility and cloud, Information Technology’s needs are changing. It requires innovation, flexibility and faster technology to cope with the pace of complex business needs and to provide great business value.

Our consulting and managed services deliver the resources and capabilities required to assess, design, build and manage an agile, flexible IT environment.

  • IT trainings

AMITI’s trainers provide various technology trainings to the experienced professional as well as people new to the field; these training are to help you secure your dream job in the technology of your choice.